Our Mission

At Movin’ N Groomin’, Both our furry and human clients come first; which is why we are dedicated to providing one on one service. We provide a warm, private, and inviting spa environment for your pet. We surround your pet with comforting aromatics and only the best plant based products that are pH balanced to your pup’s skin. No two pets are alike, and we provide individually crafted treatments for every pet and pride ourselves on making sure all our furry clients are happy and comfortable. All of our services are offered on site at your home or office, no need to endure the anxiety of all day separation. At Movin’ N Groomin’ we provide many services such as paw-dicures with natural hemp balm, de-shedding treatments, brightening and hypoallergenic shampoos, creative grooming with plant based coloring, customized hair styles and much more! Allow us to give your pet the spa day that they deserve.  

Plant Based Products

Live Feed Available

Fully Equipped

One on One Service

No Cages

State of the Art Mobile Salon

Fully equipped with water, electricity and requires no idling so we stay green!

One Piece Stainless Steel Tub

Comfortable even for large breeds. With a stainless steel perforated shelf to lift up the smaller pups.

Hydraulic Table

Rotates 360°, lowers to 16″ and raises to 42″. Also made with a table to tub ramp so larger breeds can safely get in & out of the tub.

Comfortable Pups

With our powerful AC, furnace & regulated water temperatures, your pup will always be comfortable.

Squeaky Clean

Not only do your pets come back fresh & clean, we also make sure to properly sanitize between every pet.


Although mobile we have lots of storage so are prepared for every pup!

Our Services



The Basics

Soothing massage bath in one of our plant based, cruelty free conditioning shampoos

Blow out to dry & remove any dead or loose hair 

Fluff & brush for a healthy, shiny coat

Paw Pad Trimming

Nails Trimmed & Filed

Ear Cleaning & Teeth Brushing

Spritz of doggie cologne

Finished with a handmade accessory

Lots of treats & T.L.C.

*Gland Care & Ear Plucking is done upon request*


The Works

The Basic Package PLUS

Trimming around the face, feet, sanitary area and furnishings


Deluxe Package

The Works Package PLUS

A complete transFURmation whether it be a custom style or breed standard



All Prices are subject to change depending on the size, breed, temperament and coat condition of the pet, along with location and other service requests. We have the right to turn away or stop groom at any time.  If pet is matted or aggressive Movin’ N Groomin’ will not take unnecessary risks and will complete groom as best as possible; comfort over vanity.

Allergen Free Bug Repellent & Hot Spot Solutions

Our conditioning shampoos were developed for pets with allergies and blended with simplest combination of conditioning extracts and oils to effectively clean and treat your dog’s skin & coat.

Plant Based Coloring

We use vegan coloring made especially for our pets to give them an extra pop of color!

Conditioning Treatments

Dry hair or paws? No problem! With our deep conditioner and hemp balm, your pet will be soft & moisturized. For added protection and shine ask for our leave in conditioner with sunscreen.

New Clients

We are a husband and wife team that pride ourselves on our quality of work! Due to this we are only able to service a certain number of clients. If you are interested in being included on our wait-list please submit a text message to 210-677-5133 with the following information.

Your First & Last Name:

Your Address:

Your Dog(s) Name(s):

Your Dog(s) Breed(s):

Your Dog(s) Age(s):

Your Dog(s) Weight(s):

Preferred Grooming Frequency: 1, 2, 4 or 8 weeks

Please include any additional information you think we should know about your pet! To ensure that each dog gets our undivided attention, we do not answer the phone while grooming. Please contact via text and allow at least 48 hours for response.



Green: Central Service Area

Yellow: Service Area


Spots are filled using the new client information above. We are unable to guarantee if or when a spot in our rotation will become available. If at any time you have questions, please feel free to check in with us!


CANCELLATIONS / RESCHEDULING must be made at least 48 hours prior the day of the scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in a $25 non-refundable fee. We have a 15 minute courtesy window when we arrive to your pet’s appointment. Should you miss your pet’s appointment after we have arrived, 50% of the average groom price per dog will be charged, or $35 per dog fee, whichever is higher. New clients that late cancel or no show to their pet’s first appointment, will not be eligible for future appointments. We thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding, as this helps keep our business running efficiently.




Our Reputation

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